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Bavimo se izradom materijala (seminarski, maturski, maturalni, diplomski, master i magistarski radovi) po Vašoj želji. Okupili smo ozbiljan i dokazan tim saradnika usavršen za izradu radova iz: ekonomije, bankarstvo, istorija, geografija, informacioni sistemi, računarske mreže, hardver, inteligencija, turizam, menadžment, fizika, informatika, biologija .  Gotovi radovi ovde...
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Analysis of business

Functioning of the financial bookkeeping and creating balance

Account success

Min holding ad Mont-Niš

Team work

The concept and contents of balance success


Graduate work-dinar and foreign exchange rate

Graduate-Central Bank and its role in monetary policy

Graduate-term money and inflation

Graduate-influence of the central bank, financial and mass action on the monetary stability in Serbia

Capital Bank

Characteristics and types of financial system

Liquidity of banks

Mobile banking

Development of financial market conditions in any transition

All the banks (130 pages)

Currency risk


Bank loans


Electronic money

Financial Consolidation and Rehabilitation of the banking system

The concept of inflation

World Bank

Business management banks

The importance of applying banking principles

Banking aggregates

Financial potential of business banking

Personal banking, e-commerce and mobile business

Money as a specific goods banks

Basic structure of data bank information system

Modern technology in the banking


Database diagram and state-links


Berzansko business

Financial instruments financial markets


The concept and types of Exchange


Blood cells

Customs system and policy

Institutes customs system

International trade as a factor razvoj1


Globalization (6 different works)

Privatization and the transition (10 different works)

Savings and investment in the financial economic development

Globailizacije impact on the banking

The influence of monetary policy on macroeconomic performance

Economic education

Economic system and its structure



Credits population


The concept and functions of central banks


The globalization of world economy

As the current transition process that is happening today with imlikacijama tomorrow


Ekonomika companies

Commitment of funds

Economic principles and reproduction

Elements of production and investment in reproduction

Fixni expenses

Quality mezoekonomije and its expression

Proportional expenses

Spending elements as a form of investment



Vertical features


Organization of global organizations

Planning global organizations

Training and education globally menadzersa


International long-term movement of capital

Economic power of global organizations

Economic system and its structure

Ograničejna for foreign direct investment


Elektronskobankarstvo (6 copies)

Internet and Web infrastructure as electronic commerce

Infrastruktutra Internet as e-business

Marketing in electronic trade

Miksoft agent

Auctions on the Web (2 copies)

Banking on the Internet

Business to business (a job - a job) model of electronic trovine

Electronic money

E-Commerce (5 copies)

E-business in the trade management graduate 60 pages

Financial Consolidation and Rehabilitation of the banking system

Cryptographic foundations of electronic commerce


Financial future

From knowledge management to a cko

Payment card

The concept and characteristics of electronic commerce

Display business center Solvency

The role of Internet marketing world trade

Definisawe electronic business


The development of electronic commerce in the European Union

Modern information technology

Payment system in electronic trade

The role and importance of electronic commerce in international trade operations

The impact of e-business infrastructure to change the business

The influence of modern information technology in management? Ment of international trade

The influence of participants in the form of electronic commerce


Ethical norms and rules prof. behavior

Graduate from the ethics-ethical dilemmas in "cyberspace" in the

Moral as a social phenomenon x2

Defining ethics

The origin and basis of morals

The idea of democracy and the antidemocratic personality


Personality and work morale

Moral as a social process of social and spiritual formation


Management? Erska Ethics

Motivation to work and work morale

The concept of personality and moral

The concept of norms and its general antoloake predpostavki

Notions of ethics and morals

Defining ethics as the science of morality

The division of business culture

The origin and basis of morals

Business ethics

Business ethics-general approach

Sociological concept of moral x3

The influence of process on the morale of

Impact on the morale of property

The concept of moral

Faculty of Philosophy


The application of teaching ballots

Grown up in the process of learning

Book Review Anthony semjonovica

School of pedagogy

Theory of education

Konbinovanje grade


Bud? Et

Graduate-local government Blace



The concept of financial markets

F-term and the central bank

The concept and functions of central banks

Strategy portfolio bonds

Strategies for successful banks




Tourism marketing agencies


Five national and five international menus with norms

Hotel Jezero

Receive group and rasporeivanje accommodation units in the hotel lake

Tutp "Kopaonik" ad Blace

Information systems

Information system in elektrosumadiji

Information system in the organization of production-guess a

Basic structure of data bank information system

Contract with customers

Information systems in banking

Elektonskem payments x2

On line payment

Basic structure of data bank information system

The security and confidentiality of data


Alkatel 1000 e 10

Chart activities

Sequence diagram

Graduate network layer

Graduate-launch e-business and building a web site

Characteristics of file system


Graphs and print the document in Excel in


Make continuing to fiberoptic cable

Computer Graphics

Linux x2

Organization memory


Internet access via satellite

Programming - Pascal

Work on the Internet

Viruses x10

Wireless networks

Learning environment? Based on the web-in



Formulas and functions in Excel

Functioning Ethernet


Installing Windows


Internet Marketing

Internet services x2

Core O.Š.-a

Classes and packages

Characteristics of www

Modem Configuration


Pamat plates x3

International Organization for Standardization


Network card


OSI models

Computer operating system

Describe system

PPTP TCP in IP networks

The principle of digitizing signal

Design i.s.

Computer network x 4

Computer networks and network services

Development of unique devices for computing

Development mikriprocesora

The development of web applications using OpenSource solutions

IP packet routing


Slojeviti reference models

Presentation layer

Session layer and presentation layer

Layer data link connection

Slojeviti reference models

Transport layer

Topollogija Web x 3


UML - object behavior


Video card x2


Windowsxp x2

Security web applications on Apache web server

Sound card x2

Development and the principle of graphic card

Symbolic language programming

Internet banking

Digital banking in Poland

Mobile banking

The liquidity of banks

Internet Economy

Oraclecorporation e-business e-valuator


Fascism x2


Rene magrit

Commercial and customs knowledge goods

Alkoho pizza





Sango_poznavanje goods and quality management




Control and audit

The concept and principles of control

Culture behavior

Civilization as a form or as a synthesis of culture

Mass culture and mass communication

The concept and the phenomenon of culture x2

Attitudes toward work and motivation

European culture

European culture

Mass culture

Forms and types of culture

The division of business culture

The concept of socialization

Cooperation between teachers, parents

History and theory of culture in learning

Institicionalizacija culture

The concept and manifestation of spontaneous forms of culture as a general progress in society



Russian salad


Cold landscape


Marketing research and the type of Internet sales

The selection and choice of foreign markets

The role of Internet marketing

Types of Internet sales

Price as insrument marketing mix

The role of Internet metketinga of world trade

The role of Internet marketing in the growth of world trade

The influence of product quality to cost as electronic marketing (ki mix

The influence of participants in the form of electronic trgovine123

Types of Internet purchase x2

Internet marketing x3


Creating value and satisfaction of customers

Marketing communication

Marketing mix

Marketing information system

Nereo_topics for discussion

The foundation of international marketing

Of Marketing

Marketing research

Transfer pricing and profit


Applied analysis


Cross and slope position fruit

Acidobazni disbalance

The role of pills in the treatment of

International spedicija

Customs procedures with goods (export, import, transit)

International freight

International business

Factors of development of foreign trade

The concept and importance of foreign trade x2

Trade systems and policies x2

International Payments

International Payments with contemporary international features

Mjenica participation in international financial transactions

Graduate work. international payments notes

International Payments


Graduate-planning as a basis for management? Mental quality

Graduate-manager personality and individual differences in organizational behavior

Pojaam management x5

Strategic Management x10

Human resources in Serbia as an important element of the economy x13

The planning process in the production organization of Serbia x6

The role and importance of management in the process of transformation of enterprises

Human Resource Management

Management and leaders of political organizations in Serbia x5

Management as a function of management in the political organizations in the SCG x7

Types of organizational structures and their implementation in Serbia

Analysis environment

Dimensions of organizational structure

Management? Ment of information systems in practice

Mena? Dment-decision

Measuring success of companies

Management and the parties in Serbia and Montenegro

Organization elements org.strukture

Organizational dynamics

Organizational culture

Organizational Structure x2

Basis of

Of companies

Planning, decision-making, management, control

The process of organizing the organizations scg x3

Human resources in Serbia, as a basic factor of economic development of the country

The structure of the organization

Theory of organization

Introduction mrnadzment and the parties in Serbia and Montenegro

Vision, mission, goals, strategies

Types of organizations

Types of organizational structures and their implementation in Serbia and Montenegro

Management of production

Small and medium-sized enterprises x8

Principles of management? Mint production

The process of organizing

The process of system

Straategije Mizpah

The role and importance of small and medium-sized enterprises

Management of production - a modern concept of management

Models of management? Mint production

Forerunner of modern management? Mint

Production as a functional and organizational unit

Synergy of small and medium-sized enterprises

? animals cycle companies

Ownership and management of social transformation of enterprises

Monetary and Public Finance

Historical development of money


Musicality and entrance examination

Basic structure of data bank information system

Practical ways compression images, graphics and video

The collection of public revenues

Determination and payment of public revenues

The concept and nature of public income

Public revenue

Authorities responsible for the collection of public revenues

Neural network

Neural network x4

Neuro phase controllers

The age of knowledge

Object-oriented programming

Software inzenjering

Object methodology

Principles oop

Object modeling

Operating Systems

OS memory and the

Os-real-time kernel -


What is VMware


Net premium

Life insurance

Insurance? Life in Serbia

Insurance companies

Basis of pension insurance

Managing pension funds

The concept and importance of reinsurance

Pulovi for insurance and reinsurance


Three? Ask property insurance in Serbia

Gross premium x3

Basis of law




Contract on to? Ivotnom izdr How to

Parallel inzenjerstvo

Defining models

The age of knowledge

UML - behavior of objects

Interaction objects

Tax system and policy

Free zone

Underground economy and tax avoidance in the world and in us


Customs delikti

Customs procedure

Carinjenjee goods

Graduate-tax incentive

Institutes customs system x2


Postal delivery

Customs delikti x2

The customs system in the Republic of Serbia

Clearance of goods x6

Road transport

-View customs operations x4

Billing and collection of customs duties

The concept of customs tariffs

The concept and types of customs

Tax office

Taxes and government

Customs administrative proceedings

Spoljnotrgovinsko business


Types of Customs

Customs debt

International customs cooperation in anti-smuggling

Organizations and Customs Administration

The concept of customs tariffs

The impact of tariff rates on domestic production

Law on tax procedure in tax administration

Business - and only stands

Purchase agreement, x2

Subjects of real rights


Business administration and protocol

Dionicko Society corporate law

The concept and the subject of international business (economic) rights

The concept of rights obligacionog

Concepts hold state and the rights of

Business law to book



Property rights

Subjects rights

Subjects of real rights

Commercial law

Agreement on gradjenju


Contracts in business law



Air transport

Appeals-administrative law


Decision-making in the production in all levels of management

Design is

Case Tools


Projektiranje information systems x3




Memory and forgetting

The concept and types of learning

The rights and needs of the child

Psychology and management



Emotions x3



Memory and forgetting

The concept of arhetipova in jungovoj personality theories

The concept and types of tests

The concept of learning, memory and forgetting

Family structure of society


Technological features and organization kmetskog work feudima in Medieval Western Europe

Bodies are somehow always with us

The significance of emotions for mental health



The concept of accounting



Factory delises

Re-engineering the process of juice production in the company vegafruit



Transport systems in the transportation logistics services in trade traffic

Strategic management? Ment in the production and traffic

Contracts in the water traffic injihov ynacaj

4. management, development and modern management concepts in the public sector

5. the How to the needs of consumers

Modern information technology

Modern information technology


Historical development of the family as a social institution

Marriage and family

Socio economic crisis and alcohol

Historical development of religion x8

Drug addiction x7

Family and its primary funkcjie


Religion x5

Sociology of morals

The role of school teachers in combating crime

Bozicna obicaji


Drugs in the school klupi


Social position vanbračne community

History and Social Sciences

Historical development of religion



Person and society

Social forms of prevention in combating drug abuse

The relationship of sociology and other social sciences

Youth as a social enigma

The concept and the division of social phenomena

The concept and types of social groups x5

The concept and types of scientific law

The concept of family

The concept of the subject and tasks of sociology

The concept and the division of science

The concept of class and want

Political parties

The family and its functions x7

Prevention of alcoholism in the family

Sects x3

Sociology and other social sciences

Influences? Living and working environment on health


Technological features and organization kmetskog work feudima in Medieval Western Europe


The concept of spedicije

Foreign trade and customs knowledge goods


High school

Analysis of fats and oils


. barium (BA)

Foods of plant origin



Musicality and entrance examination


Descriptive measures

Quantitative methods

3.pojam, subject and the importance of statistics companies

4. Feasibility Study for Serbia and Montenegro


6. the concept of living standards


Graduate work-business travel agencies as a travel agent and organizer

Pearls (hotels) National Park Kopaonik "

Kopaonik x2

4.struktura and organization of work in the tourist agency lasen-tours in Vranje

Quality management

Graduate-quality management in the production of materials management

The introduction of quality in the company Tina

Human Resource Management

Management of human resources

2.tehnologija and human resources

3. characteristics of leaders in the quality of work

Management preduzetnistvom

1.uticaj marketing strategy, financing information on the Enterprise

Business plan

Models of financing

General characteristics of entrepreneurship

The basic elements of entrepreneurial process

The main forms of organization of companies in Serbia and Montenegro

Programming material resources

Information system

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The process of organizing

Financial Market

The theory of the firm

Forms of ownership

Entrepreneur and entrepreneurial process

Entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial processes

Enterprise and Financial Market

17.izvori financing of business

Production management

decision-making''in production in all levels of management

Planning and strategic planning

Strategy for implementation of ICT in health care

Management changes

Corporate culture

Learning organization

Learning organizations as a basis for future development



Reinzenjer - the transition from industrial to informaticki


Transofrmacija, change, and future

Human page reinženjeringa

Management of change and the impact of the transformation

Authorization of employees for a wide action

Management development

Tehnolski development

Capital as a factor of development

The theory of economic development

Knowledge Management

Evaluation and measurement of intellectual capital

Knowledge management in environmental protection

3.menadžment knowledge

4. management of intellectual capital

5. knowledge management

6.vrste access to the Internet as e-business infrastructure

7. team learning

8. knowledge management in obazovanju

9. knowledge management in health care

10. Knowledge management systems in practice

Administrative law

Control Administration

Principles of administrative procedure


Sources of administrative law

Excellent process

Property rights

Subjects rights

Subjects of real rights

Determination and payment of public revenues


Artificial intelligence

Elements of artificial intelligence and use of computer

Logichki agents

Adoption of a simple decision


Increased learning

Team knowledge

Decision-making based on the probability of

Learning on the basis of opervacija

9.znanje in learning

Graduate work

Possible access to the Internet as e-business infrastructure

Be? Ične computer network is

IP routing

The concept and the role of management? Mental human resources in economic growth, etc.? Ave

Management and leaders of political organizations in Serbia

Training and career development of employees

The concept of management

Implementation of the strategy project approach

Slojeviti reference models

-SNMP - Protocol for the management of računarsom network

Specifics of financing local self-government on the example of municipalities' Blace '

Strategic management

The influence of foreign capital in the transition processes in Serbia

Master thesis management development

-type organizational structure and their implementation in Serbia and Montenegro


The role of school educators in suybijanju crime

The impact of tariff rates on domestic production

Production management

Graduate-customs preferences, customs and customs contingent debt as part of customs system and the policy of the Republic of Serbia

Maturski works

Batteries and repair

Vintage Gro

Montenegrin coast


Hydraulic installation

Mixed and long Rezidba

Pasterisano and marinated vegetables

R o s t s a k a k o r e i n c in a

Siolvoz kordunica - mesovita and long Rezidba

P1: new

Menandzment-control events-11



The concept and economic joint ventures Odredjivanje-diplomski

Human and civil rights-17

Biomechanical analysis and training grounds in the alpine ski-19

Input computer-18

Economy-dependence of the cost of korišæenja capacity-10

Technology handling the burden of-19

Strategic planning of health services

Application of e-business in the real problem-19

Complete competition and maximized profit-economy-16

Historical development of the sociology-sociology-17


Richard II and the peasant uprising-History-12

Ekspertnog application system to determine the priorities of the working class account in the production of single-20


Education as a basic function of the family-pedagogy-19


Korporacijski identity and image Korporacijski-16

European Union-geography

Globalization except

Medieval Bosnia-history-13

Genetic engineering biology-16

Methods of testing in the sociology-15

Logarithmic functions matematika-22

Inflation and deflation-ba-economy





Postindustrijsko society-15

Service Society-10

Virtual market-ekonokija-11

Emphasis and tone of voice-communication business-25

Programming in matlabu graduate

The theory of evolution-biology-10

Genetic algoritni-Soft Computing-22

Mathematical modeling-mathematical modeling-16

Medicinal plants and their importance in the traditional Medicin-16

Investment funds-8

European Central Bank-Economy-11

Analysis of companies-34

Organization of prevention of industrial akcidenata-12

1ugovor about the purchase and order

Judaism sociology-12

Financial Planning-23

Web sites maturski-information-22

Psihologija behavior of consumers-8

Tehnicka_organizacija_osiguranja-basis-22 Finance

Direct foreign investment-10

Long-term loan-26

Marketing in the sport-17

Laser secenje-19

Proposal changes in the company Gavric CO-17

Independent development of business plan-17

Management? Ment specialized hotel-menandzment-23

Transport of perishable goods-13

The importance of analytical psychology-13

Combined insurance of motor vehicles-23

Development of computer-ba-informatics


Cleaning system-maturski-information-19

Internet markteting-13

Bonds and financial menandzment-32

Domasna work

Democratic government in Athens-maturski-History-23

Management of sports club Red Star and the establishment and development of football in general-11

Synthesis and processing of protein-biology-28


Pre funds in new member-13


Internet marketing plan-brandy-17


History and motives of a corporation-12


Systems support decision-making-22


Marx thought-economy-16 basis


Basic questions regarding the theory of financial opticaja2-18

Financial and banking-80

Povest journalism German-A-14

Lan network e-12

Joint-stock company and privatization-11

Kyokushinkai karate-diplomski

Power systems indukcionih device-maturski-13

Blood cell-biology-26

Hygiene and ecology-18

Banks and bank loans-16

Cadcam sustavi - temperature sensors

The contract of sale-15

Sociloške theory of law-sociology of law-16

Black holes-maturski-32

Binary translation-8

Public sector graduate work


Plan site-25

Internet marketing program-33

100.internet marketing plan tourist agencies-17


102organizacija marktinga one of the world-ba-41

103organizacija companies-33

104analiz in production in the 3rd October new-Miloševo-26

105.devizno Market-5


107.tjelesne liquid blood and lymph-maturski-24

108.prelamanje light on the flat-physics-16

109.uvod in management accounting-19

110.nasledne disease-maturski-19

111.hartije of value-21


113.izabrana chapter in physics - Boyle-mariotteov law - Vlado Petrovic-20


115.informacioni system departments of hospitals "ear nose throat" diplomski-55


P2: new

International movement of capital and international financial organizations

Inflationary strategy

Field effect transistor

Security computer system

Hydraulic system of tractor mtz 80

A case study "russet"

Cursed avlija seminar

Practical application of bank. business

Drstveni aspects terorizma.doc seminar work

The development of modern banking

The Central Bank of italy

Village tourist Theme

Market ask tankerkog space ship

October Revolution-russia

AA battery charger

VOIP (voice over Internet protocol)

Marketing communication-internal communications as part of public relations

Revision in the modern business

Seminar basis Finance

Conceptual determination of challenges, risks and threats in the process of reshaping the concept and system of international security

Intelligence - bezbedonosni system of the Republic of Slovenia

Face and back-current globalization processes of transition and globalization

Ničeova criticism of Christianity

Agricultural School-asparagus with sosom vinegret



Seminarski over balance

Finansijska_tr clean-seminarski_rad

Sustavi transmission channels

The influence of new technologies on employment Employment

Of creativity to the family business


Modern communication sistemi1


Catering business and tourist organizations

Computer crime



Graduate work function pricanja in the methodology of speech

Graduate work and methodical approach to the processing of fables in the work with preschool children

Hamurabijev Code

Stress and stress prevention

The consequences of modernity - enntoni Gidens

Seminar - range management? Mint

The theory and the theory of supply costs

Seminar Operating Management

Business plan Bambi

Cable Internet

Management? Ment_dogadjaja_dtd

The decline of U.S. power

Ancient egypt, Myth and History

Graduate concept of regional states in Spain

EU pre-accession funds

Seminar in the sociology-n c i j a

Solowljev model and presječni view of the differences in their incomes

Trade stock

Internet Basics

Internet services


E-Commerce II

Verbal communication


Identity disorders in adolescence

Production possibilities country

Cell organelles

Serbian army to Solunski front


Industrial revolution


Ekspertni_sistemi_ (1)


B2C (business-to-consumer) business model

The importance of informal communication-sem

The structure of world industry and division

Hard disk

Web page

Database-goods business

Primitive culture frejzerovo interpretation magije


Analog and digital signals-graduation work



Analysis of four phases of the model the review process

Raising the technical and technological levels in the north ATB

Petroleum derivatives


Public Relations

Natural and artificial sources of pollution

Alcoholism as a problem of family and society

Liberalism and globalizacija1

Basic ideas and problems of liberalism

The subject of sociology and its relationship to other sciences

Maturalni work of Asian tigrovi

Differential equations-graduation work

Seminar from anatomy-traumatic foot injuries

Frequency tolerance

Comparative analysis of various procedures interference transmission system with frequency skakanjem

Frequency tolerance

Logistics in the insurance

Financial markets the central bank

Banking management

Detection and work with darovitim blackmail in the primary school of arts

Seminar in international economics

Historiski development management? Mint

Feeding old people

Future microprocessors and computers

Human Resources

Procedures established firm diplomski

Break even

Soc. welfare strategy - Eco. Soc. pension. and health. insurance

Criminal legal protection of children and minors

Joint-stock company

Use it in gaining competitive advantage and

Methods and models of control in the organization


Ethics and moral

Seminar work - Management Information Systems

Operational Management-eco-system and ecomanagement

Quality management

Strategic Management

Natural resources Vrnjacka Banja

Modern economic system

Marketing services

Maturski-geographical view of Egypt

Historical development of skiing

Market structure išne

Seminar work-poduzetničke strategy and tactics

International law, diplomatic representatives

Internet Marketing

Business Code


Seminar for the marketing - marketing strategy and market segmentation

Seminar from the organization - sector operational preparation

Seminar - with a fast circular


Banking Jobs

Currency convertibility


The influence of money on production and prices

Pension funds and insurance companies

Henry Morgan - The King of Buccaneers


Seminar work Fruska Gora National Park - tourism

Seminar, transition and privatization in Serbia

Production management

Solunska offensive

The concept of action


Loans to the IMF and World Bank

Business law

Blood groups - sredjeno

Information for marketing decisions

History and development of the Internet

Safety in road traffic


Powerpoint presentation of the football club Partizan

Nadezda Petrovic

Market capital and ask Exchange

Despot Stefan Lazarevic

Great Stock Exchange trade in the world

Vitamin C-chemical and mikrobiloška

Eurocontrol (evrokontrola) - reporting

Network protocols for multimedia services

Application of the 3G system

The creation of a political brand multimedia communication

Seminar from the Entrepreneurial

Cisco & RISC architecture

Computer viruses


Economic laws

Family and marriage

Stress in the process of

Information systems and databases - access and application example

Business ethics

Organization of production



Team work 1


Market capital


Sources of capital in the company

Management? Er innovator

Business Hotel "Mercury" v.banja

Automation process

Calculation of stability regulacijskog car

Criminal offense and grounds excluding the criminal act

Documents accompanying the goods

Seminar marketing work

Sociology-culture-the establishment and development of

Edit protection? Environment



Maturski from the computer networks

Marketing mix



Methods tehnoloskog predvidjanja


Price as a marketing mix


Securities I..

Joint-stock company




Defining monopoly

ASB Bank


Coca Cola &

Strateg plan and a half for the middle of work


Computer architecture


Seminar on the construction work contract

Sam-BK-banking jobs

Cultural heritage Belgium-seminar from the Dutch and Flemish culture

Seminar, Nietzsche

Web Design

The concept of securities


Management ljudskihresursa in conditions of globalization

Management of human resources in the banking

Of human resources in sport

Selection of staff

Giuseppe Verdi

Analysis of the structure of employee motivation. - Sem.rad

Matica Srpska - history, work, organization

Additional programs

Financial institutions and market anything

Seminar work of Coca Cola

Business ethics


Analysis of the financial situation of companies

Sociological view hipi (hippie) generation

Teas medical graduate


Seminar-local government

Ekonomika companies

Way of addressing the microprocessors Intel 8086


Ottoman Empire

Stock exchanges and stock brokers




The establishment of the economic entity

Matuško - Josip Broz Tito

Berzansko and banking business

Input / output units of computers

The methodology of economic science

Method of economy

Mechanisms nasledjivanja

Immunity, transplatacije people


SAP implementation project proposal

Business plan for the production of eggs

Battle of Kursk

Agreement on Trade Representation

Management graduate




Art photos and reneke dijkstra


Seminar work-analysis prompted it

Information system of enterprises

Seminar from the organization

Seminar work in sociology - the power and authority

Types and effects of Customs

Drying meat

Modern computer communication


Wireless networks

The current process of transition and globalization

Koncepti, metode i tehnike strategijskog menadzmenta

Skripta strategijski menadzment

Japanski menadzment

Međunarodna trgovina


Biznis plan keric co

Seminarski - analiza troskova u metalfinisu jagodina

Turisticke .agencija_i_sire_okruzenje


Seminarski rad medjunarodne poslovne finansije

Devizna tr?išta

Komunikacije i odnosi sa javnošću

Vode na teritoriji grada kragujevca

Principi menadzmenta

Seminarski rad -sociologija-religija

Dr?ava i organizacija vlasti

Globalizacija-sociologija seminarski

Oblici društvene svesti- socilogija

Teorijsko filozofske pretpostavke poslovne etike- poslovna etika

Zenski likovi u deliva borislava stankovica



Geografski prikaz tunisa

Regulacija temperature prostora

Aleksandar veliki-diplomski

Međunarodni finansijski menad?ment

Raf project proposal-sap implementation project proposal

Biznis plan pvc stolarija

Optimizacija proizvodnog procesa



Diplomski rad-bankarski krediti

Nova ekonomija

Ekonomija obnovljivih resursa

Ekonomija i jezik

Novac i savremeni problemi novcanog opticaja


Seminarski-ekonomija (konkurencija)

Organizacija i vodenje marketinga2

?ivotni vek proizvoda

Motivacija zaposlenih


Sistemska strukturna analiza – ssa

Ekspertni sistemi

Organizacija i vodenje marketinga



Javni rashodi

Berzanski menad?ment


Makroekonomski identiteti



Hemofarm – seminarski

Seminarski upravljanje kvalitetom

Zdravstveni turizam

Seminarski berze

Kreditni poslovi seminarski

Nezaposlenost u vojvodini

Aleksa santic

Licna vlast

Preduzetnistvo u srbiji

Rod i ljudska seksualnost-iz sociologije

Seminarski rad industrijski transporti- konvejeri

Proizvodnja sweet bitter-a u doo simex

Organizacija proizvodne faze u ¨ bira¨ bihać

Ortačko društvo

Savremene teorije mđunarodne podele rada




Pojam narkomanije

Operativni sistem linux

Satelitski uredjaj telekomande saobracaja

Seminarski rad- projektovanje informacionih sistema

Istorija starog egipta


Digitalana slika-bit, bajt, boja

Poslovni plan


Elektronika u zgradama serveto pecin

Geometrijska analiza rafaelove “atinske škole”

Dan d-iskrcavanje na normandiju


Trzizte kapitala

Keltski,orijentalni i drugi mitovi o gospodaru prstenova

Seminarski rad digitalni sustavi

Matrijarhat (mit ili istorijska cinjenica)

Sociologija ljubav

Prvi svijetski rat. (uzrok,trajanje i posledice)

Fiskalna politika

Fiskalna ekonomija

Luxol zr

Rezervacije putem interneta(seminarski)

Menad?ment informacioni sistemi-automatska obrada podataka

Spoljnotrgovinsko poslovanje

E marketing

Test maticne ploce asus a8n-sli deluxe

Upravno pravo

Filozofski-ideoloska osnova marksovog ucenja

Odgovornost prevozioca u saobraćaju

Obelezja nacionalnih bankarskih sistema

Instrumenti monetarne politike

Nuklearno naoruzanje

Ravnogorski cetnicki pokret

Propagandna nacela i tehnike

Seminarski rad ispitivanje cvrstoce


Geografski prikaz egipta

Privredna drustva

Ustavi srbije posle drugog svetskog rata

Ljudska i gradjanska prava

Diplomski radovi iz turizma

Maturski mreze

Socioloski aspekti interneta i rada na internetu

Maturski rad-nestanak jezika u svijetu-sociologija

Preduzetništvo i inovativnost

Seminarski - osnovi ekonomije

Otkirivanje i rad sa darovitim ucenicima

Solunski front


Agenda 21 –globalni ekoloski problemi-diplomski rad


Osnovi marketinga

Informaticke tehnologije

Ekonomika poslovanja

Upotreba wizard-a za izradu upita

Procesi i oblici abrazije




Finansijska_trzista-tr?ište opcija

Medjunarodna trgovina-uzroci i posledice rasta

Korporativna preduzetnička organiza- ciona kultura i poslovna etika

Ispitivanje izduvnih gasova prilikom tehnickog pregleda

Geografija naselja-megalopolis boston-vašington

Globalna harmonizacija polaganja računa

Upravljanje kvalitetom


Nepotpuna konk,monopol,oligopol...oe

Konflikti u organizacijama

Dimenzije organizacione strukture

Deflacija i deflaciona politika

Finansijski menad?ment turističkog preduzeća

Kom. poznavanje robe ishrana

Diplomski-uloga komunikacije unutar procesa odlučivanja


Inflacija seminarski rad

Prvi svetski rat

Uvod u građansko pravo-fizička lica

Uvidjaj kod saobracajnih nezgoda

Nastanak evropske unije

Kriminalistički aspekt uviđaja



Razvoj omladinske politike na lokalnom nivou - uticaj podmladaka politickih partija na taj proces

Govornička vještina cicerona

Studija slučajajp ptt “srbija”

Preduzetnistvo u sportu - biznis plan inter gym

Realizacija redovnog posla izvoza robe-spoljnotrgovinsko poslovanje


Strategijski menadzment preduzeća i kvalitet proizvoda

Motivacija u organizacijama

Krispy kreme- strategijski menadzment

Jp aerodrom “nikola tesla”

Evidencija nabavke materijala

Etika u radio televiziji vojvodina-upravljanje ljudskim resursima-

Zadatak prevoza robe

Internet marketing

Zupcanici i zupcasti parovi opsti pojmovi

Linearno programiranje1


Sredstva poslovanja preduzeca


Menjacki prenosnici


Ekonomija agrarnog razvoja-specifičnost poljoprivrede i njene proizvodnje

Uticaj poklona (besplatan prijem i ustupanje) i rashodovanja na stanje osnovnih sredstava

Analiza osnovnih proizvodnih faktora

Ip telefonija

Pojam tr?išta i instrumenti tr?išta kapitala

Menadzment. malog biznisa2

Voip tehnologija


Stres u organizaciji

Zastita prava potrosaca

Elementi gimnastike u nastavi od 1 do 4 razreda


Sistemske operacije za stvaranje i unistenje procesa

Elektronsko bankarstvo

Ekonomike preduzeća-rentabilnost

Potrebe i motivi potrosaca

Pojam moci

Boj na kosovu

Finansijska revizija javnog sektora - osnova za aktivni poslovni ambijent

Trendovi na globalizovanom finansijskom tr?ištu

Dinko šimunović»duga«

Ustavnost evropske unije i akti institucija evropske unije

Historijski pristup, vrijednost i značaj retorike

Cisco swicevi catalyst series 2950

Upravljanje zalihama1

Predmet i razvoj politicke ekonomije

Značaj direktnog marketinga

Pedagogija-razvijanje samostalnosti na ranom uzrastu

Računarske mre?e

Strategijsko planiranje

Zakljucivanje i forma ugovora

Finansijska kontrola iz predmeta finansijski menadzment

Osiguranje transporta

Međunarodna trgovina

Inzenjerska ekonomija - industrijski kapital i profit

Osiguranje zivota sa primerom osiguranja zivota kod kompanije dunav osiguranje

Klasteri i defragmentacija

Povećanje pouzdanosti i brzine sistema

Operativni sistemi

Cefta central european free trade agreement

Klasa, stratifikacija i nejednakost

Porodicni biznis plan


Venecijanska renesansa

Seminarski rad iz makroekonomije


Značaj franšizinga za preduzetništvo

Upravljanje zalihama

Multimedijalne komunikacije i odnosi sa javnošću u sportskom menad?mentu

Poreska nacela


Sklapanje racunara

Konsolidovanje bilansa uspjeha

Transportne sposobnosti - kapacitet transporta

Obrazovna moć i uticaj u menadžmentu

Obrazovna moc i uticaj u menadzmentu

Etika i moral kod menad?era (u biznisu) u 21. vijeku

Telekomunikacione instalacije-električne instalacije slabe struje (instalacije telekomunikacionih uređaja)

Devizni racun


Web design

Samsung electronic company- globalne marketinške operacije

Organizacija prodaje

Nastanak mobilne telefonije, mre?e druge i treće generacije, 3g, 4g

Vodjenje u sportu

Arhitektura računarskog sistema

Problem zivotne sredine

Pojam i znacaj troska u poslovanju preduzeca

Smkorporacija, strategija korporacije


Rafinerija gasa elemir

Poduzetništvo-nacin financiranja poduhvata


Pr i televizija

Globalna harmonizacija finansijskog izvestavanja

Vazdusni prevoz-sr

Posledice modernosti - enntoni gidens

Adobe photoshop




Kratkorocni izvori finansiranja


Internet mreza svih mreza

Seminarski rad - menad?ment ljudskih potencijala- sigurnost i zaštita na radu

Nastanak i razvoj odnosa s javnošću u hrvatskom hotelijerstvu

Strateško usmjerenja preduzeća

Maturski (grcka mitologija)

Akcionarsko drustvo




Osnovi menadzmenta

Matematika kompleksni brojevi

Upravljanje ljudskim potencijalima (human resources management)


Uloga menadzmenta u reformi nauke i obrazovanja

Kognitivni razvoj predskolskog deteta

Prirodne i drustveno-ekonomske odlike negotinske krajine

Menad?er komunikator

Teorija igara

Antimikrobna terapija u hirurgiji

Corel_draw_x3 alatke

Seminarski iz teorije sistema

Ortačko društvo

Jezik kao sistem govora i znakova

Sociologija- obrada dela erving gofman- kako se predstavljamo u svakodnevnom ?ivotu

Nivoi formulisanja strategije

Drustveni bruto proizvod, drustveni proizvod, nacionalni dohodak

Procesor-centralna procesorska jedinica

Mobilna telefonija

Dinko šimunović-duga

Poslovno pravo uopšte, akcionarsko društvo

Teorije i koncepti institucionalnih promena

Izvori međunarodnihtrzishih arbitra?e



Pojam i podela obrtnih sredstava

Seminarski eksternalije

Logistike-informaciono komunikacione tehnologije – ict u funkciji logistike

Metodologija obavjestajnih sluzbi


Šta je energija talasa

Cannabis sativa-marihuana

Grafičke kartice

Kako dobiti, pronaci, kupiti ili na drugi nacin poceti raditi

Sociologija-rat kao drustveni fenomen



Maturski-derivati karboksilnih kiselina

Seminar gospodarstvo


Matematika-odredjeni integrali

Uredaji za reprodukciju zvuka


Instrumenti trzista kapitala

Seminarski rad iz uis-a-pb

Etika i moral u biznisu2

Multimedijalni sistemi2

Kvantitativni ekonomski i finansijski modeli biznisa

Seminarski - makroekonomija - nacionalni dohodak i njegova raspodela

Seminarski operativni i strategijski manad?ment

Spartansko uredjenje

Web marketing -reklamiranje na internetu


Seminarski rad iz marketinga - swot analiza

Seminarski rad iz ekonomije - finansijska i devizna trzista u svetu i srbiji

Racunovodstvo-pojam i znacaj realizacije robe

Analiza programa javnih rashoda

Odluke o cenama i upravljanje troškovima

Maturski rad-jevrejstvo

Organizaciono ponašanje i motivisanje

Odnosi medju polovima

Politika,moc i vlast

Etika i moral u biznisu

Seobe srba

Kvadratna jednacina i kvadratna funkcija

Metod statistickih uzoraka

Doping u sportu1

Seminarski rad iz industrijskog menadzmenta - maslovljeva teorija potreba
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