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Ablaut is the process of inner vowel changing, and although no longer productive, it is important for modern languages because many alternations, which happened due to ablaut, we learn today by heart (irregular Verbs and Nouns in English). Moreover, it is used in word-formation even in English today. Therefore, it is important part of Morphology and students of the same should know how this process influences words.
Ablaut is a German word and its root consists of ab, which means “off”, and laut, which means sound /lu:t/. It is the process of vowel change, also known as Vowel Gradation or Apophony. Ablaut is characteristic for Indo-European languages, and it was coined by a German philologist Jacob Grimm in 1819.
Ablaut is the regular vowel alternation in roots, stems or words which are etymologically or morphologically related . Such an alternation represents a change in grammatical function or category, but it can also be used in the process of word-formation. Although it is typical for Indo-European languages, it is noticeable in other language families, mostly in Semitic. This process of Vowel Gradation is no longer productive in English language, yet it was a central part of PIE morphology . It affected so-called “strong verbs” in English which mostly changed their inner vowels in Past Simple Tense and Past Participle: ...

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