Gotovi Seminarski Diplomski Maturalni Master ili Magistarski

Puna verzija: Introduction, the problem of knowledge
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Maturski, Seminarski , Maturalni i diplomski radovi iz ekonomije: menadzment, marketing, finansija, elektronskog poslovanja, internet tehnologija, biznis planovi, makroekonomija, mikroekonomija, preduzetnistvo, upravljanje ljudskim resursima, carine i porezi.

We live in a world which is strange and confusing and we are confronted with contradictory beliefs and different opinions. Knowledge is not static but has a history and changes over time. Yesterday’s revolution in thought becomes today’s common sense, and today’s common sense may go on to become tomorrow’s superstition. So what guarantee is there that our current understanding of things is correct? Despite the intellectual progress of the last five hundred years, future generations may look back on our achievements and dismiss our science as crude, our arts as naive and our ethics as barbaric.

Most people do not think that there is a problem of knowledge and they see knowledge as nothing more than organized common sense. While there may be something to be said for this view the trouble is that much of what passes for common sense consists of little more than untested believes that are based on such things as prejudice and blind appeals to authority. Moreover, many things that at first seem obvious to common sense become less and less obvious the closer you look at them...
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