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Puna verzija: Leadership aproach
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Describe your personal leadership approach and thoughts around what you consider to be important to being a respected AND an effective leader. (Minimum ½ page, maximum 1 page). Describe what was effective and not effective of 1 leader you have personally experienced in your career. Give 2 examples and why or why not this persons style and leadership skills were effective or not effective. (1/2 page.)

In order to be respected and effective leader, a person must always tell the truth. Nowadays, in business environment, we tend to "avoid the full truth", in order to make a good impression, we say things people like to hear. Authentic leaders are different. They always tell the truth, and never compromise with their personality and efficiency.

Good leader always follows his heart. Business and leadership are all about people. Leader should not be afraid to show his vulnerability, good leader cares about people and spends his working hours helping his employees to perfect their performance.

Respected and effective leader must have high moral standards. His personality speaks louder than any words. The power of character is the real power, and people can see it and in a way, feel it. One needs to speak his mind and stick with his ideas an believes. Employees will respect, follow and learn from a noble, kind and human leader.

Good leaders are brave. It takes courage to lead, one needs vision, personal strength and self-confidence to do the right thing. This is the world of followers. Only a few percent of human beings are strong enough to lead into the right direction and smart enough to be followed. It is so easy to go the easy way, and so difficult to choose the hard way, or, it is so easy to follow and so difficult to lead.

Leaders create teams, they organize groups and communities. Team work is the essence of effective work. Nowadays, if a employee feels like he belongs to a group, if he feels to be a part of a community, his loyalty rises and he is ready to go beyond the line of duty for his group and leader. Great leaders know how to create ideal working environment, for everyone to feel accepted and appreciated, but also encourage friendships and social connecting between his employees…
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