The role of the united states constitution and the legal system in business regulatio

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The role of the united states constitution and the legal system in business regulatio
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The United States Constitution is a document that provides the framework for the federal government and is ultimately the supreme law for the companies and citizens of the United States of America to abide by. This document “establishes the structure of the federal government, delegates powers to the federal government, and guarantees certain fundamental rights“ (Cheeseman, Henry R., interview for Deutsche welle, 2001.). These fundamental rights, laws and freedoms are granted, to all Americans. Despite the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, the laws still pertain to today’s ever-changing economy and culture. The Constitution has been referred to as a “living” document that evolves in unison with our country, following all the innovations and developments in all of the related fields and areas. The Constitution of the United States sets forth the nations fundamental laws for business regulation.hapter 1 “From love field to the world*s most successful airline“
TThere are many examples of the ways that United States Constitution and the United States legal system affect the Royal Caribbean company. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was founded in 1968. by Andres Wilhemsen &Company. We are Miami, Florida based cruise company, with 21 ships and over 20 000 employees. In our 40 years of history, business regulations have changed for many times, also, we sail all over the world and need to interpret every single regulation and law which can apply to us.
First, one of our offices is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and we had the building seized and demolished due to a highway being built. Our legal department was instructed by the local government to accept financial compensation and „move on“, but our lawyers argued that Amendment 5 states ...

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