PHP Glitter Text Generator

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PHP Glitter Text Generator
PHP Glitter Text Generator

Does your image hosting site have a lot of traffic, but little income?
Did you know that giving away free images can make you money?

Not all Glitter Text Generators are the same!

Increase your traffic by getting quality links into your web site while
providing your visitors a true glitter text maker.You have put a lot of work into your site and your ROI (return on investment) is very low. You know you have something that could be valuable because you currently have traffic or will very soon. Your visitors really enjoy your site and use many of the services you provide but they don't click on your ads or purchase products that you promote. Your overhead is increasing and your profits are going south.

In the past we were in the same de lima. Hosting images was something we knew could draw traffic to our site and all we had to do was monetize it. Yes, we got the traffic but we didn't get the money. So it was time to do the research to find out where things were breaking down. The problem is where the traffic was coming from and what they got while visiting our site. So we decided to build something that they really wanted but in turn gave us what we needed.

Our Glitter Text Maker / Glitter Word Maker can bring new traffic that pays to your site and convert your existing traffic to improved rankings on the search engines.

Features Ver. 1.3

* Quality Glitter Text
* Unlimited Fonts
* Change Languages
* Unlimited Glitters
* Easy Installation Program
* Multiple Sizes
* Real time Preview
* Outline Option
* Code Generator
* Supports free image hosting
* Watermark for Logo
* Two skins (Rainbow or Blue Steel)
* Runs stand alone or in template to fit into your site.

Search Engine Optimization:

* Changeable Text Backlink (promote any keyword or phrase)
* Changeable URL for backlink (promote any page or any domain)

Increase Income

* Sell the backlinks to someone else
* Rank your site for keywords that increase your income.
* Increase traffic through niche markets
* Promote a product or site with the use of a watermark or logo.

Other Benefits

* Use single license for up to 10 different sites that you own.
* Efficient code uses little CPU time
* Manage storage directories as site grows
* 50% of text on GUI can be modified allowing for multiple languages.
* Codes work on Myspace, forums, BBS's, and you can modify them to your needs.

The Internet is a very competitive market and you need every edge available so you can stay one step ahead of your competition. Our generator is going to give you maximum exposure with your visitors in promoting your site visually with your logo on their page. You are also going to get a one way backlink in which 90% of the top SEO people in the world feel is the most beneficial form of improving your ranking on the search engines. This is going to lead to more traffic that is focused from the engines on the keywords you are targeting for an income.

If we throw out all the web site promotional benefits, the generator alone will stand on its own. It makes perfect glitter text that is compact and attractive. The interface is smooth and easy to understand with a real time display of the finished graphic.

Requirements: Server (your hosting server)

* Linux Operating System
* PHP 4.3 or above
* GD 2.0 or above with XBM support
* ImageMagick 6.1 or above
* Ability to change directory permissions
* Will run on cheap hosting accounts like Godaddy.
FTP access to your site with the ability to change file and directory permissions

Installation Instruction

* Unzip the file and upload it to your server in whatever folder you wish to use.
* Set folders tempz,donez,holdz permissions to 0777 with your ftp program.
* Set controlz.ini to 0777.
* Run install.php and follow the directions.
If you like it, please purchase below.

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