Nominal phrase in the sound and the fury by William Faulkner

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Nominal phrase in the sound and the fury by William Faulkner
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INTRODUCTION - Language Studies of The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury the fourth of William Faulkner's novels, was published on October 7, 1929. Many critics believe it is Faulkner's finest work. Irving Howe suggests that the book is one of the few American novels written since the turn of the century in which the impact of tragedy is sustained. Faulkner himself felt the most "tender" toward this tragedy of a southern family, having once told a reporter, "The book which took the most agony was The Sound and the Fury. Took me five years of reworking and re-writing".

The story, written in four parts, opens in Jefferson, Mississippi, on April 7, 1928, on the decayed estate of the Jason Compson family. The first part leads the reader through the mind of Benjy Compson, a thirty-three-year-old man with the mental capacity of a small child. Any casual stimulus--a name or a place--takes Benjy back and forth between past and present with no warning. The second part, set eighteen years earlier than the Benjy section, places the reader in the mind of Quentin Compson, a nineteen-year old Harvard student whose failure to cope with life drives him to drown himself in the Charles River. The third pari:, which begins on April 6, 1928, drops the reader abruptly into the mind of thirty-five-year-old Jason Compson to show the present life of the Compsons. The fourth part, dated April 8, 1928, told through the eyes of Dilsey Gibson, the Compsons' black servant, gives a third person account of the Compson family. The novel traces the decline of a once admired southern aristocratic family, whose present generation taints the Compson name and destroys the family in the process. As Irving Howe says, "Whether taken as a study of the potential for human destruction, or as a rendering of the social disorder particular to our time, the novel projects a radical image of man against the wall".


INTRODUCTION - Language Studies of The Sound and the Fury 5
1 Noun phrases 9
1.1 Structural Ambiguity in the Noun Phrase 11
1.1.1 Pre-nominal Modifiers 12
1.1.2 Post-nominal Modifiers 17
1.2 The coordination of noun phrases 20
2 The noun phrase structure in English and Serbian – “The sound and the fury” by William Faulkner 23
2.1 Pre-modification 24
2.2 Post-modification by relative clauses 29
2.3 Post-modification by non-finite clauses 39
2.4 Post-modification by infinitive clauses 41

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