Level and importance of consumer orientation in organic food production

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Level and importance of consumer orientation in organic food production


The main goal of organic agriculture is the production of high quality food, or food with high nutritional value, but also the development of sustainable agriculture and the preservation of the ecosystem and maintaining and increasing of soil fertility. Organic agriculture is a production management system which promotes the healing of ecosystems, including biodiversity, biological cycles and emphasizes the use of methods that largely exclude the use of inputs outside the farm. That means maximum utilization of renewable sources of energy, reduction of all forms of pollution, preservation of the environment, but also creation of the conditions for meeting the basic needs of agricultural producers and acquiring adequate profit.

Organic production is based on natural processes and the use of organic and natural materials. In contrast, the growing demand for food has led to the situation where agricultural production primarily relies on the use of chemicals, with the aim of achieving the highest possible yields and profits. However, uncontrollable, excessive and unprofessional use of such funds (various pesticides, fertilizers) leads to a reduction in quality and soil fertility. This leads to a series of questions such as the issue of food quality, food safety, environmental protection, conservation of agro ecosystems, etc. It is believed that the organic production is the solution, that organic production puts the spotlight on human health and respects the natural balance and avoids various kinds of pollutants.

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