HDTV Resiver - OCTAGON SF 918 - Karakteristike

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HDTV Resiver - OCTAGON SF 918 - Karakteristike

Novi igrac medju hdtv linux risiverima. Cijena mu je jako povoljna, 299eur. Sad ostaje da vidimo kakvu ce podrsku imati. Nezvanicna informacija je da uskoro izlazi image na kojem radi gbox, newcamd i sl.

An elegant HDTV digital satellite receiver
With LG tuner, 32-bit 1000 MHz processor and 400 MB of memory provides
OCTAGON the HD SF 918 for a strong and first-class reception.
Enjoy the HD quality with less than 1 sec switching time of the programmes.

With the Ethernet LAN connectivity, USB, eSATA and HDMI, they have the choice of agony

Over the remote controlled tuner gain (AGC value) also enables the weak channels without interference to receive this receiver was unique.

Individual color settings (brightness, contrast, color saturation) to its Sendungsart (film, news, sports, users) allow them the best image quality.

Only Arte features:

1000 MHz - 32-bit processor
400 MB RAM
10 000 places (TV & Radio)
Ethernet LAN - 10/100 Mbps
E-SATA port
USB 2.0
HDMI connector
VFD display (Dot Matrix Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
2 x CI slots for modules
Smart Card reader for encryption CONAX


Digital Satellite Receivers MPEG 4/H.264 & DVB-S2 (DVB) compatible
Format Resolution: 576p/720p/1080i
3D user-friendly OSD menu
Clear and simple on-screen interface
Color Adjustment: color, brightness, contrast and color saturation
Bedienfreundlicher EPG (electronic program guide) for the display of program information and program preview
254 satellite programmable
Level control DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS)
LNB voltage 13/18V & 14/19V adjustable in long lines
Video format in 4:3, 16:9 and letterbox
Zoom & pause function
Recall function: storing the last 20 selected stations
Find function: stations can be found alphabetically
Program timer function
Sleep timer function
8 favourite lists for the organization of TV programmes (film, news, sports, music, children, drama, family, Misc.)
8 favourite lists for the organization of radio stations (film, news, sports, music, children, drama, family, Misc.)
Parental Controls for menu and programs
Several clear channel sorting functions such as delete, rename, move and block
Backup & restore the setting (Backup / Restore)
8 buttons on the front panel
Front buttons on / off switch
Support for Teletext and subtitle
Software - Updates on USB/RS-232 (PC-STB / STB STB)
Data transfer: receiver to receiver
Menu in 24 languages
Games menu: Sokoban, Snake, Tetris, Mines, Slot Machine, Othello
Calendar and calculator function
Automatic NTSC / PAL detection
Very fast channel search
Multi-Search: several satellites can be marked and searched
Manual input PID (audio, video and PCR)
Volume difference for each channel individually adjustable
Main background and radio background image changed
Boat image on / off
Div. Selectable menu animations: Stripe, spray, Slide, Fade
Power switch on / off
HF Modualtor
Dolby Digital 5.1 SPDIF output (optical)
2 x Scart (TV / CVR)
2 x RCA audio output (R / L)
1 x RCA video output
Following component (YUV - YPbPr)
Dimensions: 340 x 60 x 268 mm
Weight: about 2.5 kg

[Slika: a45xr6.jpg]
05:30 PM
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