Facebook Like Button Alternative Promote to Facebook Followers

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Facebook Like Button Alternative Promote to Facebook Followers
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Facebook Like Button Alternative Promote to Facebook Followers

Our Facebook Fans, Followers, & Members base has grown to over 2.000,000+ and we are now passing that to you but it is still at a low cost compared to adwords or other forms of pay per click methods that would cost you hundreds even thousands to get 2.000,000+ people to see your ad.

This service is only to promote your link to 500,000+ Followers. In no way shape, form or fashion does it mean you will get 500,000+ followers! Making any claims of guarantee likes, shares, or followers is against Ebay Policy.

Steps : following setting On your page Verify your security settings and to leave your page “wide open” for all to see
1) Log in
2) Go to your page
3) Click “Edit Page”
4) Check the most popular culprits of this issue:
a. Country Restrictions – uncheck it
b. Age Restrictions – choose Anyone (13+)

If you don't do the above steps before ordering you risk the bulk of the traffic not accessing your facebook fan page. DON"T BLAME ME IF YOU DON'T DO THIS STEP!

My real and high quality ( 2.000,000+ ) active facebook and twitter fans like to read and share beautiful updates, and topics.

Affiliate links or anything you want to promote. [ We Can't Force people to buy your product ]

We hope this service interest for your business and We never delete messages once posted.


• No Like Guarantees
• No Share Guarantees
• No Following Guarantees
• No Purchase Guarantees
• No Click Guarantees
• No Traffic Guarantees

Service Features :

• 100% Safe
• Fast Delivery with all proofs
• Customize promo message as your wish
• You can use a short link to tracking traffic status
• Promote to Facebook and Twitter ( fans, followers, members )
• Age range - 18 - 32 (male and female)
• Location - Usa, Uk, Asian, and worldwide also.
• Interest - Online jobs, new business, Music, etc...
• Posted to closed Facebook Groups to ensure your links are never reported as spam. If post are reported as spam from a group enough times Facebook deletes the post or will ban the group. By having a closed group its protected from ever being deleted. The downside to this is only screenshots can be used as proof of your posted links unless you're a member of that group you won't be able to view the links in real time.

Order requirement : Your promo message and URL ( you can also attach a banner or logo just send the banner or logo to me )

Please ask questions before you buy.
Maybe the best solution is to find us online.


[email protected]

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