Drugs Adiction

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Drugs Adiction
Maturski, Seminarski , Maturalni i diplomski radovi iz ekonomije: menadzment, marketing, finansija, elektronskog poslovanja, internet tehnologija, biznis planovi, makroekonomija, mikroekonomija, preduzetnistvo, upravljanje ljudskim resursima, carine i porezi.


According to one study a profit from selling drugs makes in fact 8% of the total profit realized in world trade, which is more than the participation of trade of metallurgical products in the world . The profit amounting to 500 billion a year in the international trade in narcotics presents the second level of cash income, behind the international arms trade . The value of transactions related to drug trafficking only in the UK reaches 1% of GDP (Gross domestic product), or in figures 8.5 billion pounds a year. On the other hand, the number of persons who are commonly considered as drug addicts or problematic drug users is about 25 million worldwide, which amounts to 0.6% of the population aged 15 to 64 years . In addition to the harmful consequences of misuse of drugs, the activities of organized criminal groups produced at national levels are reflected in the destabilization of governments and financial markets, the corruption of public officials and the increase of social costs for health care , due to the enormous economic potential of the drug trade and the global threat, very often associated with terrorism, which is the greatest challenge of our time in terms of global stability and security. It is estimated by the international experts that amount of 95% of all revenues at the world level, realized by illegal drug trafficking, goes on funding terrorist organizations and networks. It seems that it is no coincidence that each of the three countries with the world's largest amount of opium producing result and crops of coca in the fields (Afghanistan, Burma and Colombia) has permanent rebellions financed with the money from the drug sale, in which terrorist actions have become common occurrences of everyday life.

Contents :

Introduction 3
1 Etiology 4
2 Diagnosis 4
3 Experience 5
4 Therapy 6
References 6

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