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Anemija -srpski stranica
Anemia (anaemia)

Anemia is a blood circulation disorder in which the body ill body very poorly supplied with blood. Blood is composed of 3 types of cells (red blood cells-red cells, white blood cells-white blood cells and platelets-platelets) that circulate in our bloodstream. Erythrocytes containing the red and iron-rich protein - hemoglobin (Hb), which carries oxygen from the lungs to all muscles and organs in our body and the functioning of normal life is impossible without oxygen. Anemia is a condition of lack of red blood cells. In this case, a small number of red blood cells contain less hemoglobin, causing the oxygen delivery organs such as brain, heart, muscles, decreased. So when you feel anemic mental and physical weakness. When the number of red blood cells reduced, the heart works faster in an attempt to compensate for greater blood flow lack of oxygen in the blood is a poor eritrocitima. This is disease in which the hemoglobin concentration decreased by 10% below normal values. Then the ability to transfer oxygen and less comes to tissue hypoxia. Creation of red blood cells in the bone marrow depends on if necessary tissue for oxygen and oxygen by erythrocytes bring tissues. Erythropoietin is a hormone that is excreted from the kidneys and liver and stimulates eritropoezu, life of erythrocytes is 120 days. The most important causes of anemia are dovodnog arterisjkog block blood vessel. This blockage could be partially ill completely, then prourokovano changes in blood vessel wall, as well as changes in all kinds of backgrounds around the arterial blood vessel that leads to their narrowing or blockage. Signs of anemia are cooling body or body part, to a greater extent due to decreased blood supply. Anemic body parts or organs, or parts thereof, becoming pale, whitish gray, and the permanent and severe anemia occurs, and necrosis of these organs.Oligemijom is called the reduced amount of blood in circulation. At the same organs were pale and showed only the color of the color of their own tissue, because lack of red blood.
Oligemija may be due to loss of blood that can lead to loss of fluid, which predstavija greater risk of loss of red blood cells, because the heart is empty because of the reduced amount of liquid. Ischemia is called the blood supply interruption due to complete closure dovodnog blood vessel. When ischemia lasts longer leads to tissue necrosis (myocardial infarction). Myocardial the klasfikuju the macroscopic appearance and color, and as: anemic-white-red hemorrhagic and anemic with hemorrhagic belt. The myocardium appears anemic infarction in hemorrhagic and anemic spleen, the kidneys hemorrhagic and anemic, in anemic and hemorrhagic brain, the lungs and intestines hemorrhagic hemorrhagic stroke. If the body is zastojna venous hyperemia, develops anemic infarct with hemorrhagic edge. Anemic infarct is more or less fireplace necrosis, clearly limited by the environment, created by closing the terminal or terminal-functional arteries. A typical example is you infark myocardial infarction. Hemorrhagic infarction is most common in the lungs.
Hemolytic anemia

Anemia is defined as a reduction of transport capacity of blood in oxygen or reducing the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. Transport of oxygen in the blood protein hemoglobin that does is in the red blood cells.

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