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Puna verzija: Disjuncts -engleski
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.... The name 'disjunct' would seem to suggest that these have some kind of connection with (con)junctive items, but that their role is, if anything, to signal an absence of conjunction. The distinction between conjuncts (however, in addition, etc.) and disjuncts is now well established and corresponds to a broader distinction, based on the propositional view of cohesion outlined above, between text-structuring and writer's comment, which are seen as largely unrelated. Their approach emphasizes that the scope of disjuncts is simply the sentence in which they appear ('contributing another facet of information to a single integrated unit') while conjuncts function between clauses or other elements ('conjoining independent units').

Halliday (1985/1994) prefers the terms Conjunctive Adjuncts and Modal Adjuncts; (Halliday, 1994:84) but the line of division is essentially the same. The pervasiveness of the distinction is reflected in, for example, materials for teaching English as a Foreign Language, where conjuncts are frequently taught as a separate topic as part of writing and reading skills, under headings such as 'Signpost words', whereas disjuncts appear with other adverbs as part of speaking skills. The difference in terminology exists in various grammars so English, thus Quirk, R. et al. in A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language, refer to these adverbials as disjuncts.(Quirk et al, 1985,:43) On the other hand, in Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English, Biber calls them stance adverbials and provides his own classification. (Biber et al, 1999:354). Here, we shall consider disjuncts and stance adverbials to be synonymous, and emphasise the difference in terminology when necessary....

Sadržaj :

1.1 Disjuncts and adjuncts 3
1.2 Classification accodring to Quirk et al. 6
1.3 Content disjuncts 6
1.4 Classification according to Biber et al. 9
1.5 The ambiguity of disjuncts and other strustures 10
1.6 Position of disjuncts 11
1.7 Corpus analysis 12
1.8 Disjuncts: a syntactic overview 14
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